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Rhode Island

Rhode Island

Operating under the auspices of the Department of Human Services, the Division of Veterans Affairs provide services to Rhode Island veterans and their families. The Department has made a commitment to ensuring that the needs of all of Rhode Island's 72,835 veterans are made a priority by offering quality programs and services befitting those who have served their country with valor and patriotism. The RI Division of Veterans Affairs will continue to work with the many veterans' organizations to assure the professional and dignified delivery of services to veterans and their families.

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Rhode Island

Kim A. Ripoli, Associate Director, Division of Veterans Affairs assumed the duties of Associate Director, Division of Veterans Affairs in August 2012. As Associate Director, she is responsible for all administrative and executive duties. She manages the Division's operations, coordinates mission execution and oversees more than 220 employees in the three branches (Veterans Home, Veterans Memorial Cemetery, Veterans Affairs) with a Division budget over $27 million.

Charles Fogarty, Director, Labor and Training, has served in this position since January 2011. A former state senator and lieutenant governor, Fogarty was director of policy for the Mayforth Group, a lobbying firm, when he was named Rhode Island Director of Labor in 2010. Fogarty is on the faculty at Johnson and Wales.

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