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The Office of Veterans Affairs is a state government organization that administers many of Vermont's veteran programs. We have built a strong reputation for customer service. All of us work with veterans and their families, so none of us are removed from the challenges and hardships they may face. We are committed to doing the best we can for our veterans because we are committed to making a difference in their lives.

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Richard Reed, Director, Veteran Services, directs the daily operations of the Office of Veterans Affairs. His primary responsibility is to ensure that Vermont's veterans receive the state and federal benefits they earned. He is a veteran of the US Coast Guard having served from 1971 to 1975 including a tour of duty in SE Asia Section (Thailand). He has worked with veterans for over 20 years initially as a Local Veterans Employment Representative, then 12 years as a Veteran Service Officer. He is the webmaster for the Veteran Services Directory.

Vermont Veteran Employment Assistance

Annie Noonan, Commissioner, Department of Labor, came to office with more than 33 years professional experience in labor relations and government and legislative lobbying. She has worked through New England: as the head of the Vermont State Employees Association (VSEA), in the University of Vermont's Career Planning and Placement Office, and most recently for the labor relations, arbitration and health/safety division of the University of Connecticut Professional Employees.

Over last decade, Vermont governors have called on Noonan to serve on a number of study committees for government accountability and efficiency; public pensions; PTSD in public safety workers; revamping public sector contract funding; telecommuting; the council on diversity and affirmative action; and the joint labor-management committee on child and elder care.

Vermont Department of Labor