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Transition Action Plans from Give Transitioning Troops an Edge
Officially Launched!
The newly enhanced Transition Center has officially been released as of Sep 12, 2013

McLean, Va.— announced that they have added several new features to their Transition Center in order to better serve the needs of transitioning servicemembers.

The Transition Center now features a personalized Transition Action Plan for those leaving the military, those retiring from a career in the military and those serving in the National Guard and Reserve for whom transition is a different experience. The Transition Action Plan tool guides the servicemember using a timeline that recommends specific actions to take at corresponding key points in the transition process; whether they are leaving the service immediately or up to 18 months ahead of time.

The Action Plan provides automatic notifications about when and how to craft a resume, advice on professional networking and detailed information to prepare for the financial aspects of transition from government service to the civilian sector.

The Transition Center also features useful articles, valuable reference material, easy to use check lists and a periodic e- newsletter.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for servicemembers to take charge of their own transitions. We’re arming them with the tools and information they need before they get out of the service to have a successful transition to civilian life; whether that includes a job search, earning a degree or preparing financially for this new stage of their lives,” said T McCreary, Retired Rear Admiral and President of

For Veterans seeking employment, the US Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Economic Opportunity - provides direct tips, information and resources, through a weekly listserv.
To join, send an email request to:

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